Are you a baker think about donating your services?

There are a number of reasons why bakeries should donate to a good cause. It’s important to stay in touch with your local community and there is no better way to do that than to get involved in community events and activities. Make a name for your bakery in your local community by donating cakes and other baked goods to local groups and outreach programs to help them make an impact on their communities or members.

Businesses that interact with their community help build a solid foundation of trust and respect with the people in their neighborhoods. This neighborhood bonding will help create a sincere relationship between your business and the people in your local community. People often remember and respect the efforts of local community businesses that take the time to show their solidarity with the members of their community. They will often frequent those businesses and recommend to their friends. Businesses who maintain a good relationship with their community often enjoy a wealth of community support.

Combine your passion for baking with a healthy dose of community activism and donate custom cakes or pastries through The Birthday Box Project. Support local nonprofit, charity or other organizations within your local community charity. There are more than a few good causes, neighborhood support groups and other nonprofit organizations that could benefit from donated baked goods from a bakery such as yours. The Birthday Box Project will help match your business with local causes or group events that can mutually benefit your business and the event organizers. The Birthday Box Project is dedicated to bringing great bakeries together with nonprofit and charity organizations to help raise awareness for common causes that affect our local communities.

The goal of The Birthday Box Project is to match bakeries with local causes and charities to help raise awareness for community causes with the simple notion that everyone loves cake. Donations of custom cakes, cupcakes, pastries or other baked items will not only help generate interest and awareness for the causes that affect your local community, it will bring attention to your hand crafted baked goods and your bakery business. Donations through The Birthday Box Project serve the greater good and will be good for your business as well.

Cake artists from all over the country are cordially invited to participate in The Birthday Box Project. You are welcome to join us in helping raise awareness for common causes and bring people together in our local communities for the common good. Original cake designs are welcome, just keep in mind cakes and pastries need to be designed for specific causes or events. Feel free to be as creative with your cake designs as you like.

Contact The Birthday Box Project to see how your bakery or pastry creation team can get in on the action and take a stand for local communities and causes. Your epic pastry creations can serve to bring awareness and recognition to your local community cause and your bakery business. Play an iconic role in your community and join The Birthday Box Project in celebrating our differences and creating needed awareness with something we’re passionate about.


Sex Cake

LGBT community Cake

Are you struggling with the idea of being transgender or are you a transgender who is comfortable being you. Erotic Bakery is a firm believer in just being you and with that in mind has created a transgender cake for local transgender and LGBT support groups. This transgender support cake was donated to a recent LGBT community fundraiser to help raise awareness for the transgender identity crisis that many within the LGBT community struggle with each day.

While this cake may not be for everyone it was well received at the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender event held in the NYC area recently to support those members of their community who are struggling with this gender identity crisis. This custom cake was made specifically for those in the LGBT community and is available for purchase from The Erotic Bakery.

The Erotic Bakery was pleased to work on this cake for the LGBT community and the Transgender Identity Crisis Event that happened recently in NYC, and the donation of the cake was made possible by The Birthday Box Project. Custom cakes for any type of event can be ordered from The Erotic Bakery and our pastry artists will create a cake that will suit your specific needs.

Custom cakes from The Erotic Bakery are made to suit your visual needs as well as meeting your tasteful desires. We specialize in providing an off the beaten path alternative to mainstream cake suppliers by meeting the original creative desires of our clients. Our cakes are made by expert pastry artists in our NYC area bakery. This custom cake creation for the LGBT community and the Transgender Identity Crisis Event was donated as a combined effort from The Erotic Bakery and The Birthday Box Project. The cake was designed by our mastery bakery artists with the transgender and LGBT community in mind.

Adult Birthday Cakes from The Erotic Bakery can be customized with a variety of cake flavors, icing flavors and different fillings that are sure to please even the most finicky of taste buds. Cakes from the Erotic Bakery are always custom made with the customer in mind. We specialize in making your cake fantasies come true. Orders for our custom cake creations are taken discreetly and we don’t judge, we’re happy to bring you our top quality products and we welcome your naughty cake wishes.

The Erotic Bakery has teamed up with The Birthday Box Project to bring outstanding, out of the ordinary cakes to the NYC and surrounding area. Our team is dedicated to serving your naughty cake needs and expanding our reach to meet an even bigger demand. The Erotic Bakery and The Birthday Box Project welcome your out of the ordinary cake orders and are dedicated to helping raise awareness of common issues within our community. Contact The Birthday Box Project or The Erotic Bakery to see how we can meet your cake needs for upcoming events, charity’s or fundraisers. Adult themes for cakes welcome, but not necessary.


A breast cancer awareness cake donated by Erotic Baking

Breast Cancer Cake
Breast Cancer Awareness Cale    Credit –

We would like to thank Erotic Baking for this cake they have donated for a great cause.

Show your support for a friend or family member with breast cancer and present them with this classy custom Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake. Whether you’re having a breast cancer awareness party with a large crowd or a get together with a few close friends, the Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake is a great way to share your message and help bring more attention to the cause of breast cancer awareness.

Whether your mother, aunt, sister, daughter or friend is currently suffering with breast cancer, you can show your love and support with this delightfully scrumptious, custom baked Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake. There isn’t another cake that will convey your message of solidarity like the Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake.

Your friends and family are sure to smile when they catch a glimpse of this intricate, custom made, Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake. The Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake is a classy way to bring attention to boobies and raise awareness for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake is presented with a medium skin tone, white bra and pink fondant breast cancer ribbons. The erotic cake is centered on a circular tray with the message, “We Support You”.

Erotic Baking’s Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake is great for party’s and friendly gatherings. The Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake, as with all of our custom erotic cakes, will be made according to your specific order. Orders can be easily placed by email, phone or live chat support and will be discreetly delivered in a plain white box.

Erotic Baking serves New York and surrounding areas as well as Atlantic City and some areas of northern New Jersey. We can customize your erotic cake in any way you choose. Cake flavor, fillings and icing flavors can be made to order. The cake’s appearance is also fully customizable. Nipples can be protruding or they can be covered for a more modest look. Skin tone and nipple colors can be altered. Clothing and other colored features can be chosen to suit your specific needs.

All of our adult themed and erotic cakes are made with the finest, high quality ingredients and baked to your custom, personal specifications. Our pastry chefs are true artist’s that will bring your idea or naughty creation to life. A custom erotic cake from the Erotic Bakery is a great way to make a statement and the Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake is a great way to bring the boobies to your breast cancer awareness party or event.

Erotic Baking  specializes in baking great custom cakes that are sure to be a hit  for all of your naughty or adult themed party’s and get together’s. Place a discreet order with us and customize a Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Cake today. Show your support for breast cancer sufferers  with style and a tasty custom cake from Erotic Baking.